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Show #2

Big Schill (though he’s trimmed a bit of the excess) is first to the hill when our Saux open the spring sked tonight against the Twins in Fort Myers. Old friends, David Murphy and Jacoby Ellsbury will start. Sea Dogs camp opens to battery mates this Friday, while here in Portland the Dogs look to hire stadium help for the season. News of this weekend’s Job Fair and much more in Show #2.  Enjoy!


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Faster than a speeding bullet

Able to leap antique auto shows in a single bound. There he was, our prodigal left fielder, three days early (by his annual timetable for such mundane matters as Spring Training). Manny being Manny arrived at The Fort this a.m. to a media circus waved off by – Himself. Much as I’m impressed by Ramirez’ swiftness in reporting, he’s not the subject of this post.  Fastest toboggan team in baseball!

No, I’m here to pay homage to four brave souls who earlier this month vacated their toasty warm front offices at Hadlock Field, trusty wooden steed in tow, to compete in the U. S. National Toboggan Championship. Their sojourn took them to Camden, Maine (look for the polar bear icons, just west of Novia Scotia on our state map), and a blazing 9.7 second slide down a 400 foot chute and into history. Okay, so they were a second or so slower than everyone else, but still took home the title, albeit unofficial, of “fastest toboggan team in professional baseball.” Yea! Way to go fellas! ‘Dogs Assistant GM for Public Relations, Chris Cameron (second from left) said the spur of the moment decision to compete was aimed at keeping baseball on the fans’ front burner during the winter which, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t last 12 months here in Portland. Just a bit more practice

The boys promise a zippier entry next year. A fresh coat of paint, for starters. Surely a few days more practice wouldn’t hurt. Here you see our heroes polishing their team dismount. We love ya guys! Thank goodness Opening Day is just 38 days away. There’s only so much off-season excitement fans can stand.


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How do we love thee, Curt?

Let us count the ways. Um… 41 of ’em, by Sox brass’ standards. Yes, Red Sox management got back to Curt Schilling on his re-up-me-for-’08-now offer, with a big fat sorry, Curt, but you’ll be a little long in the tooth next season, as he turns 41. Nothing personal, just a “business decision.” Curt says fine, got it. And he’ll be back in touch AFTER he hits the free agent market this October. Which, at that time on my calendar, it says it’s been three years since He of the Bloody Sock gutted us through the post-season and into Sox history. Fenway faithful have a good (young) dozen reasons not to fret over the decision. Several of ’em pitched your Sea Dogs to the EL title last season. A few more can be found a little lower in the farm system. But the ones that matter most now share a locker room with Mr. Schilling so, sure, he gets it.

Here’s what Boston did with this move. They assured that Curt will bring his A+ game to the hill in ’07. There will be 29 other teams watching.

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Eagle’s Flight

If you’ve heard our first podcast you know how bonkers I am about the new theme music. Surfing around last month listening for just THE right image piece, I happened upon pure metal gold! (no idle praise considering that’s not my cup of genre) ‘Scarred Existence’ is a solo project of Tom Cline’s (Cline’s Mind) and his group in Milford, NY. I must have sampled Eagle’s Flight on GB’s streaming media player about 30 times that night! There’s a sweet soft bridge in there that is straight out of ELO. I asked Tom for permission to use it on the pod and he was terrific! If you visit them on GB, grab a free subscription to his e-newsletter. They’re mostly doing studio work now. If they ever come out and do a gig…I’m there!

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19 days? really? sheesh!

Okay, so you can tell right off that I’m either waay too busy (highly unlikely) to post something every day or …. drum roll, please… you’re dealing with a Blogger Newbee! If you thought the latter, well, congrats on finding all the above bread crumbs! Seriously though, I must give a shout out to some of the really-really helpful folks here at WP. As user groups go, you, gang, are tops. Still trying to figure out how to get RSS widgets to behave the way I’d like (which, of course, is probably quite different from the way they’re designed to work, huh?). But fear not. We’ll be talking BASEBALL here, any day now. Red Sox Nation BASEBALL! That is, as seen through the lense of our beloved Saux’ AA minor league affiliate right here in Portland, Maine. Your defending Eastern League CHAMPION Sea Dogs!!!

Now, if I can just get our sidebar friend the RSS widget to *not* mistake this post for Podcast #2, we’ll be somewhat in business. Anyway, please feel free to check out Podcast #1,  from the annual Hot Stove Dinner in late January. You should get a good  sense of what we’re trying to do this off-season, and hopefully offer up some wish list items of what you want to hear! See ya tomorrow (no pressure, right?)!

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Pre-moving day

coming soon; please excuse the lack of furniture.

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