19 days? really? sheesh!

Okay, so you can tell right off that I’m either waay too busy (highly unlikely) to post something every day or …. drum roll, please… you’re dealing with a Blogger Newbee! If you thought the latter, well, congrats on finding all the above bread crumbs! Seriously though, I must give a shout out to some of the really-really helpful folks here at WP. As user groups go, you, gang, are tops. Still trying to figure out how to get RSS widgets to behave the way I’d like (which, of course, is probably quite different from the way they’re designed to work, huh?). But fear not. We’ll be talking BASEBALL here, any day now. Red Sox Nation BASEBALL! That is, as seen through the lense of our beloved Saux’ AA minor league affiliate right here in Portland, Maine. Your defending Eastern League CHAMPION Sea Dogs!!!

Now, if I can just get our sidebar friend the RSS widget to *not* mistake this post for Podcast #2, we’ll be somewhat in business. Anyway, please feel free to check out Podcast #1,  from the annual Hot Stove Dinner in late January. You should get a good  sense of what we’re trying to do this off-season, and hopefully offer up some wish list items of what you want to hear! See ya tomorrow (no pressure, right?)!


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