Faster than a speeding bullet

Able to leap antique auto shows in a single bound. There he was, our prodigal left fielder, three days early (by his annual timetable for such mundane matters as Spring Training). Manny being Manny arrived at The Fort this a.m. to a media circus waved off by – Himself. Much as I’m impressed by Ramirez’ swiftness in reporting, he’s not the subject of this post.  Fastest toboggan team in baseball!

No, I’m here to pay homage to four brave souls who earlier this month vacated their toasty warm front offices at Hadlock Field, trusty wooden steed in tow, to compete in the U. S. National Toboggan Championship. Their sojourn took them to Camden, Maine (look for the polar bear icons, just west of Novia Scotia on our state map), and a blazing 9.7 second slide down a 400 foot chute and into history. Okay, so they were a second or so slower than everyone else, but still took home the title, albeit unofficial, of “fastest toboggan team in professional baseball.” Yea! Way to go fellas! ‘Dogs Assistant GM for Public Relations, Chris Cameron (second from left) said the spur of the moment decision to compete was aimed at keeping baseball on the fans’ front burner during the winter which, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t last 12 months here in Portland. Just a bit more practice

The boys promise a zippier entry next year. A fresh coat of paint, for starters. Surely a few days more practice wouldn’t hurt. Here you see our heroes polishing their team dismount. We love ya guys! Thank goodness Opening Day is just 38 days away. There’s only so much off-season excitement fans can stand.



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3 responses to “Faster than a speeding bullet

  1. You Dogged It

    Hey guys,

    Did you even make the finals? No, I don’t believe so. I’m sure you had fun and all but I think you didn’t finish in the top 100 teams in the 4 person sled division.

    Is there a point to your post and photos since you did so poorly?

    Your stick is also derivative of so many other teams. How about leading with something original instead of copying other people??

  2. Just for Perspective

    Oh, and just for perspective on your blazing performance…

    Since you were in the 9.7 range … that means that you weren’t even within THREE SECONDS of competitive teams! There were teams on Sunday in the 5.7 range and third place in the four person sled divison was actually a TIE between team teams, based on their two runs in the funals. That’s how competitive it was.

    If you’re going to talk about 9.7 being “blazing,” provide a little perspective at least. If you were even in the 7 second range, you’d have a LITTLE something to talk about …

    9.7 is the toboggan equivalent of crawling across the finish line in a marathon…


  3. Umm… here’s some “perspective.” The entire point of this story was meant to be fun – with a healthy dose of tongue in cheek on the reportage. These guys work for a BASEBALL team. Toboggan racing was (is) a hoot, but their primary mission was to bring a little off-season joy to Sea Dogs fans, and had nothing whatsoever to do with seeing whose sled was the fastest. Thanks for your comments!

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