Nowhere Man

Anybody else miss this far-too-short-lived TV series from the mid 90s? Bruce Greenwood starred as Thomas Veil, a writer whose entire life is erased by mysterious forces – or so the UPN/Paramount show bio read. We’ll never know if Veil stopped the identity degaussing process in time to reclaim his life, and I’m starting to believe the same about one member (for now) of the Red Sox pitching staff.

Kason GabbardKason Gabbard burst on the Fenway scene late last season at a time when injuries forced several new faces into the rotation. In early September the lefty notched his first victory in the Bigs, mixing his sinker/curve in a nifty three-hitter over seven shutout innings as the Red Sox edged the White Sox, 1-0. In all, the 24-year old Gabbard appeared seven times, four starts, and posted an impressive 3.51 ERA. Mere weeks after helping the Sea Dogs climb back into Eastern League fight, Kason Gabbard, it seemed, had arrived. Even the Rem Dawg was cautiously optimistic that Sox brass’ perception of Gabbard had been elevated.

Fast forward to yesterday. Gabbard started and put up three scoreless frames vs. the Pirates, yielding but one hit. Boston lost 3-2, but Kason certainly thinks he’s made a case for full time status in The Show. 

“My confidence is through the roof right now,” Gabbard said. “I know I can pitch up here and I just need to work on some little things to obviously stay up here.”

His skipper had high praise.

“I thought it’s the best arm speed he displayed yet,” manager Terry Francona said. “He’s getting better. I was really impressed.”

So what’s the problem? Numbers. Beckett, Schilling, Dice-K, Papelbon, Wakefield. How does Gabbard stand a chance of breaking into THAT rotation? Answer. He doesn’t. How do you send him back to Triple A? Why? What’s to prove? Ah, I hear you. Boston bullpen, right? Listen closely as our new pitching coach John Farrell rattles off the 12 man staff most likely to head north in about 15 days. No mention of Gabbard.

See. He’s our Nowhere Man, and as ‘Bull Dog’ on Frasier would say, this is total b.s.


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