Show #5

A trimmer ‘Big Papi’, a bigger Hanley Ramirez, and a sleeper pick for this year’s Cy Young hardware in the Junior Circuit. Just some of what Mike Antonellis is serving up, direct from Fort Myers, in this episode of Dog Cast. Enjoy Show #5 Red Sox Nation!



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4 responses to “Show #5

  1. firedannyainge

    Ortiz is my neighbor. Ok so its 4 minutes down the street in a car.:)
    I used to babysit at the street at the end of his street.

  2. Hey, that’s close enough for me! Too cool! Are you volunteering to interview Big Papi for Dog Cast some time? So you’re in the Boston burbs? Ever get up here to Portland to catch a Sea Dogs game? Hadlock Field is a terrific place to watch baseball. We even have our own “Maine Monster” out in left field!

    Hope you’ll continue to be part of the “family” and stop back often, firedannyainge. Go Celts!

  3. firedannyainge

    I would be more then willing to interview him if I actually knew
    I keep kidding with my sister that when he daughter is 2 I am going to set up a lemonade stand across the street from his house. (Just

    I work down the street also and have had the pleasure of seeing many Red Sox players like Trot Nixon, Tek and Gabe Kapler.

  4. Lemonade, yum! Maybe we can get you a concession stand at Hadlock Field. 😀

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