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Slugger blanketedSure was nice of the Connecticut Defenders (Giants) to swing by Portland on their way to Manchester. ‘Slugger’ waved as the visitors’ bus pulled out for New Hampshire today, moments after the Sea Dogs had to call off a fourth scheduled game — Sunday’s contest — due to unplayable field conditions. I’ll bet that’s a fun bus ride. I can hear Defenders’ pitching coach, Bob ‘Steamer’ Stanley griping from here! 

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Progress, but…

snow removal underwayFirst the good very good news… Sea Dogs grounds-keepers, staff and front office personnel have made tremendous progress at removing BobCat loads of snow and ice from the still-frozen surface of Portland’s Hadlock Field. Now the not-so-good news… (you guessed it) field conditions are still unplayable. Saturday’s hoped-for start to the 2007 season has again been postponed. They’re shooting for Sunday.

I saw first-hand the yeomen work these folks are doing in sub-40 degree weather. But they really need large doses of 50+ degree sunshine – and that ain’t in the forecast. If you’re counting — and rest assured everyone connected with the team is — that’s three games wiped from the calendar by a kinda-fluke spring storm. Maybe tomorrow the players will finally receive their hard-earned Championship rings. Fingers crossed.

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Strike Two!

Ouch! Once again the start to the 2007 Portland Sea Dogs season has been postponed. No baseball, no Championship Ring Ceremony at Hadlock Field tonight. Field conditions, as you would imagine less than two days after a foot of snow began falling, will keep us in limbo until at least Saturday. That’s a day game (1 p.m.). Some one should call the DoubleTree where our opponents, the Connecticut Defenders (Giants) have been holed-up and see if they need more DVDs, magazines… room service.

Well, we’ve still got our Saux to watch! Hey, how about Dice-K’s debut!?


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Show #6

Nothing better to doOh, my! What the heck was Clay Buchholz eating over the winter?! He looks anything but ready to pitch tonight’s season opener at Portland’s Hadlock Fie…um… SNOW??!! No worries mate, we’ve got a special “postponed, snow” episode of Dog Cast. Bring your dancing shoes ‘cuz Slugger wants to boogie! Enjoy Show #6!

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Snow day!

A foot of snow covers Hadlock Field in Portland at the moment, thus making a white-out of the big Opening Night plans to raise our Eastern League Championship banner. If you think you’re disappointed, how about the players? Many of our Sea Dogs have been patiently waiting all winter to receive those gawdy (spectacular is a better word!) rings! Team President and General Manager, Charlie Eshbach made the announcement this morning. This marks the third time in team history. I still remember on Opening Day 2001, the front office staff and some of the players out there building a team of snowmen at each position. Oh, and don’t forget 2003 when Portland’s first seven games were snowed-out.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing you are — and last night had a chance to ask someone in a position to know — WHY do you guys insist every year on playing baseball in northern New England the first week of April? That was at the annual Welcome Back Dinner where I also talked to many, many of you young fans. YES, I promised you’d be on the next podcast and you ARE. Check back here a bit later today and hear yourself!! 😉

Okay, about the game. Plans are now to hold the ring ceremony and banner hoisting on Friday night. Same opponent, the Connecticut Defenders (Giants). They’re camped out at the local Double Tree hotel right now. Probably playing checkers, ya think? Enjoy Portland, guys. You may be staying awhile longer.


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